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Hildago Amontillado Napoleon Sherry

Andalusia, Spain
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Hidalgo Amontillado Seco Napoleón is originally aged to become a Manzanilla using the traditional solera system in casks of American oak. However, certain casks show a deeper, nuttier character, and are transferred to a separate solera to age oxidatively, as part of the Amontillado blend. Amontillado Napoleón is made from grape must of the Palomino fino variety, carefully cultivated in white albariza soils, highly valued to obtain very fine, high-quality musts.

Hues of mahogany and rich hazelnut aromas. Full and long on the palate with subtle nuttiness and a dry and refined finish.

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Full Details

  • ABV 17.5%
  • Closure Cork
  • Grape Palomino
  • Region Andalusia, Spain
  • Bottle Size 50cl
  • In Cellar Yes

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